Orchard Farm Phase 1 Old


shawangunk  landscape

The first implementation phase of the Orchard Farm Master Plan includes native meadows, a kitchen garden, and eco-lawn for 2 acres around the site of the new residence, designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. The home is sited on 118 acres in Ulster County, New York.  About 14 acres of this property was cleared for farming - apple orchards - but was neglected for many years, leaving a post-agriculture condition with some invasive colonizers.  The landscape is comprised of a mix of landscape types - open pasture land as remnant of agriculture; agricultural ponds; wet meadows and upland meadows; and woodland.

This design emphasizes horizontality and sweeping vistas, integrating with the architecture that frames views to the Shawangunks. New gardens and landscape for the house will make strong connections to the larger site - the Walkill Watershed and the Shawangunk Ridge- as well as native flora and fauna communities. The plantings will create landscape habitats - working with native plant communities as their guide. In some areas with extreme conditions - as in the steps and south facing courtyard - non-local eco-types will be referenced - such as rock outcroppings and herb gardens.10 acres of the cleared 14 acres will be in use for agricultural production. The house gardens transition smoothly to the agricultural uses.