Garden Design

Your garden is many things - a place for beauty, family, and connection to nature. We work with you to craft the right garden for your needs and interests. We guide you through a complete design process - design, installation and also help you to find realistic maintenance routine. 

Landscape Master Plan

We strategize long range plans for homeowners to realistically manage their property within an ecological context. We can help you phase new projects, manage invasive species and design do-able maintenance routines that enhance the beauty and ecological impact of your property.



Environmental Consulting

We provide consulting on a wide range of environmental topics including: habitat restoration, integration of agricultural practices, and green infrastructure. 

We also develop environmental education programs for all ages. 

Installation & Maintenance

We will install your garden or help you find the right contractor for the job within our trusted network. We can provide ongoing maintenance on your property from weeding to artful pruning of your trees and shrubs.



Specialty Plants

Hudson Garden Studio is a registered NY State Nursery dealing in specialty plants. We can help you find outstanding specimen trees and shrubs unavailable at conventional nurseries.

DIY Garden Kits

We designed a series of ecological plant combinations for the home gardener. The native (mostly) plants work together to build soil, attract pollinators and provide wildlife habitat. We provide the plants, a site preparation, installation and maintenance guide and you do the rest. With many hands we can achieve a great environmental impact.

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